MDK Motorsports SX

Team Origin
United States
Team Principal
Mark Kvamme
Mark Kvamme, a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist is a long-time industry veteran and former Supercross team owner, who is well-versed in championship-level racing, both in the driver’s seat and as an owner. He brings a wealth of operational and technical experience across multiple motorsports and business in general. Combined with his knowledge and understanding of Supercross, he is set up to deliver a first-class and highly competitive race operation. Aiding Kvamme in the relaunch of MDK Motorsports SX’ Supercross program is Jamey Grosser, a former professional supercross racer turned entrepreneur. Grosser also brings a wealth of knowledge in racing, sponsorship, marketing and team management. Follow the team's journey via their website: www.mdkmotosx.com